Basketball Performance Training

With the increased volume of play in AAU, developmental leagues, and traveling teams, on top of regular season play, basketball players are allotting fewer and fewer opportunities to develop the physical component of their game. The best competitors on the court are the ones who possess great skills in addition to maximizing their athletic ability. This means becoming stronger, quicker, more mobile, and jumping higher. The Next Level Basketball Training system was developed specifically to meet these needs.

All Athletes participating in this program are put through a comprehensive evaluation that enables our staff to customize programs that are very specific to the needs of each client. All sessions are also designed and implemented by some of the best speed and strength coaches in the state.

What you can expect from the Next Level Basketball Training systems

  • improved vertical jump
  • dramatic increases in relative body strength and explosive power
  • improved mobility for better defensive positioning
  • enhanced acceleration and lateral quickness
  • learn how to eat for better performance, health, and recovery
  • decreased risk of injury

The Next Level basketball training program is typically performed in the off-season with multiple start dates to meet the needs of the high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. All programs are specifically designed to accommodate the individual goals and physical requirements of each athlete. Participants in our program average 4 training days per week that encompass all aspects that factor into becoming a superior athlete. These include speed, strength, power, agility, mobility, nutrition, and recovery.

The program design by Brian Powers at Next Level Performance Center provided me with the opportunity to play NCAA college basketball. As an adolescent I had the skill set but lacked the physical prowess necessary to compete collegiately. Coach Powers systematically design a fully customized program directed at gaining the physical tools to receive scholarship offers. Simply put, my scoring average went from 16 ppg to 22.5 ppg in the first off-season under coach Powers’ direction. Post collegiate participation, I have been provided the opportunity to travel both domestically and globally to play-watch-and evaluate the game. I have always loved. Thanks to Brian Powers and his knowledge for the opportunities of a lifetime!

-Scott Elliott
Barton County Community College (03′-05′)

Emporia State University (05′-07′)


“Next Level Training is the place to go for serious, life changing workouts. The knowledge and expertise that Brian and his staff bring to every training session has meant the difference between the game winning save and a long bus ride home after a loss. Next Level means business, and if you are looking for the competitive edge, this is the place to go”.
~Chris Bluse
University of Colorado Lacrosse