Elite Sports Package

Designed for the professional, and semi-professional athlete who is looking for
a comprehensive program that combines all aspects of maximizing sports performance in one system, under one roof.

  • Sports medicine
  • Comprehensive evaluations
  • Blood / hormonal analysis
  • Nutrition
  • Functional rehabilitation
  • Speed / agility development
  • Biomechanics & movement quality
  • Strength / power development
  • Recovery / regeneration
  • injury prevention

We have now made it possible for serious athletes to get some of the best practitioners
from various fields, to collaborate in the design and implementation of a truly customized
performance plan.  Next Level’s sole purpose is to work together as a staff to create the
most cutting edge, efficient, and all-inclusive programs in sports performance.

Elite sports package services

*Every area of development is highly customized to meet individual needs, goals, and body types

Athletic movement

  • Sport specific speed / power testing
  • Customized mobility development
  • 1st step explosiveness
  • Acceleration
  • Max velocity training
  • Position specific movement training


  • Functional movement screen / structural balance test
  • Customized corrective exercise prescription
  • Sport specific power development
  • Maximal / relative strength
  • Functional hypertrophy
  • Comprehensive core development

Sports Medicine

  • Chiropractic
  • Comprehensive blood analysis
  • Functional rehabilitation
  • Hormonal analysis
  • Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • ART
  • Graston
  • Sports massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Clinical nutrition


  • Nutritional needs analysis
  • Body composition testing
  • Biosignature analysis
  • Customized nutritional plans
  • Customized supplement plans

Recovery – Regeneration – injury prevention

  • Sleep quality analysis
  • Nutritional deficiency analysis
  • Customized regenerative protocols
  • Self myofascial release, mobility, flexibility prescriptions
  • Structural balance, corrective exercise protocols

Sample Elite package Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Manual therapy
Dynamic Neuromuscular
Massage Dynamic Neuromuscular
Manual therapy
Pre-workout Nutrition Pre-workout nutrition Physical therapy
Neuromuscular re-education
Pre-workout nutrition Pre-workout nutrition
Dynamic mobility
Corrective exercise
Dynamic mobility
Corrective exercise
Corrective exercise Dynamic mobility
Corrective exercise
Dynamic mobility
Corrective exercise
Position specific movement
Linear acceleration & speed
Max velocity development
Mobility & stretching Agility
Position specific movement
1st step quickness
During workout nutrition During workout nutrition Recovery modality During workout nutrition During workout nutrition
ME upper body
DE lower body
Post workout nutrition Strength
DE upper body
ME lower body
Post workout nutrition Post workout nutrition   Post workout nutrition Post workout nutrition
Recovery modality Recovery modality   Recovery modality Recovery modality


“Next Level Training is the place to go for serious, life changing workouts. The knowledge and expertise that Brian and his staff bring to every training session has meant the difference between the game winning save and a long bus ride home after a loss. Next Level means business, and if you are looking for the competitive edge, this is the place to go”.
~Chris Bluse
University of Colorado Lacrosse