Military/Fire/Police Package

The Next Level staff has taken the same approach when working with our service men and women, as we have our elite athletes.  That is,  we consider the unique physical requirements that each job requires, common injuries, and the individual weaknesses and limiting factors
that each client might posses.  We then use this information to design a comprehensive program that allows participants to perform better on the job, reduce injuries, lengthen careers, and complete their duties in a safer work environment.

Aspects of this package include:

    • Functional movement screen / structural balance test
    • Nutritional needs analysis
    • Postural & corrective exercise prescription
    • Sleep quality analysis
    • Customized functional strength development
    • Customized nutrition plan
    • Customized energy system prescription
    • Customized supplement plan
    • Comprehensive core development
    • Injury prevention & recovery modalities
    • Self myofascial release, mobility, flexibility prescriptions
    • Body fat analysis

If you are looking for a training system and  facility that is equipped, educated, and staffed to specifically meet the needs of your unique job, Next Level Performance would be honored to be a part of the physical preparation process.

Call 303-237-3390 and ask about our military/fire/police discount.


“Next Level Training is the place to go for serious, life changing workouts. The knowledge and expertise that Brian and his staff bring to every training session has meant the difference between the game winning save and a long bus ride home after a loss. Next Level means business, and if you are looking for the competitive edge, this is the place to go”.
~Chris Bluse
University of Colorado Lacrosse