Preparing athletes for competition boils down to successfully combining
all of the variables that will positively influence performance. These
include speed, strength, explosive power, change of direction, mobility,
nutrition, recovery, etc. The true indicator of a successful off-season
is the athletes performance on the field. That said, we still keep track
of our own indicators to insure continued progress in our facility. Listed
below are the most common indicators used at NLP and the individuals that
made the most progress in those categories over the course of the summer


20 yard dash:                       – .22 seconds                        Michael Simboski

pro-agility:                            – . 4 seconds                         Michael Simboski

Vertical Jump:                      + 4 inches                           Jamarcus Young

squat:                                      + 70 lbs                              Kelly Stavig

clean:                                       + 50 lbs                            Greg Castanuela

bench:                                      + 50 lbs                           Greg Castanuela

lean body mass increase:     + 17 lbs.                            Kelly Stavig

body fat decrease:                  – 5 %                                 Luke Miller

We had a great crew of athletes this summer and there were many
more that were challenging for a place on the performance indicator
leader board. Thank you to all of our dedicated athletes and best of
luck in your respective upcoming seasons.