This week we would like to recognize Brandon Payer and the great off-season
he had with us at Next Level Performance. Brandon chose to utilize our services
for the second year to help prepare for his sophomore season as a college linebacker.
Payer has been one of our most committed athletes. He has never missed a scheduled
workout, follows his nutrition plan to a T, and is consistent with weekly therapy
sessions outside of the facility to keep his body healthy.

Listed below are some of Brandon’s performance indicators that he hit at the end of
the summer. B obviously posted some pretty damn good numbers across the board.
Of particular note, is an increase in LBM from 225 lbs. from last summer, to 241 lbs.
this year, while still improving his speed in the same time frame. This only happens
with careful attention to detail in both programming and nutrition.

Height: 6’3
Weight: 241 lbs.
BF %: 9%
10 yard dash: 1.38 seconds
20 yard dash: 2.54 seconds
pro Agility: 4.04 seconds
vertical jump: 39 ½ “
Broad jump: 10′ 6”
Squat: 510 lbs.
Bench: 375 lbs.
clean: 335 lbs.

We appreciate Brandon’s trust in our training system and look for him to have a big