The Next Level Soccer training system is specifically designed to meet the physical needs of the serious high school, collegiate, and professional soccer player. All sessions are highly individualized to meet the specific needs of each client, and are designed and implemented by some of the top speed and strength coaches in the state.

Considering the high volume of competition and skill practice that is unique to soccer, it is our philosophy that taking the necessary measures to maximize athleticism and health is imperative for a successful career at any level. Careful attention to detail must be made when designing and implementing programs for players to develop the necessary speed, power, and durability to perform optimally for an entire season. Serious Athletes will not leave these things up to chance.

What you can expect from the Next Level Soccer system

  • increased acceleration & speed
  • enhanced sport specific agility
  • better velocity & control of shots
  • improve relative body strength
  • decrease risk of injury
  • learn how to eat for performance

The Next Level soccer training program is typically performed in the off-season with multiple start dates to meet the needs of the high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. All programs are specifically designed to accommodate the individual goals and physical requirements of each athlete. Participants in our program average 3 training days per week that encompass all aspects that factor into becoming a superior athlete. These include speed, strength, power, agility, mobility, nutrition, and recovery.


“Next Level Training is the place to go for serious, life changing workouts. The knowledge and expertise that Brian and his staff bring to every training session has meant the difference between the game winning save and a long bus ride home after a loss. Next Level means business, and if you are looking for the competitive edge, this is the place to go”.
~Chris Bluse
University of Colorado Lacrosse