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Next Level Performance has been Colorado’s Premier Sports Performance facility since 2002. Now, with our new on-line sports specific training programs, athletes can access our battle tested training systems from anywhere in the world.

The foundation of all of our programs are anchored in the science of human performance. We have built upon this foundation by meticulously tracking the results of our athletes and adjusting training variables to develop training systems that produce predictable and reliable results on a consistent basis.
Most importantly, our programs consistently produce elite level results with real athletes, in the real world!

We have always prided ourselves with developing extremely strong, fast, and explosive athletes from a multitude of sporting backgrounds. Whether you choose to train with us in person, or in a virtual setting, the Next level staff has you covered.

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You no longer have to be stuck with generic team workouts or guessing what to do on your own. The TrainHeroic platform now allows you to essentially have an Elite Level Performance coach in your pocket. All training variables will be  clearly laid out with detailed explanations and demo videos for the following: 

    • dynamic warm up 
    • speed & agility development  
    • explosive power 
    • strength & increased Lean body Mass 
    • injury prevention  

If you would like more information regarding the TrainHeroic APP, please click on the sport of your choice listed below.  

The coaching staff at Next Level Performance has over 20 years of proven success with athletes at all levels. This has given us a unique insight into what athletic  qualities are needed to progress from high school, to collegiate, or even the  professional level. More importantly we have created training systems that reliably develop these qualities.  

It is our hope that by offering these training systems in a virtual platform, we can provide you with the tools to have the same success so many of our in-house  athletes have enjoyed. 


“I wouldn’t have reached the collegiate or professional levels if it wasn’t for Next Level Performance and Coach Powers. When we first started working together we had to reset my foundation and build from the ground up. In preparation for transitioning to the collegiate and professional levels, Brian created an environment which encouraged curiosity and confidence while also being supportive. Brian would explain the “why” to all the movements we were doing in the weight room and how those movements correlated to the field. Brian brings passion and excitement into challenging workouts that will push towards the goals you have set for yourself.”

-Barry Wesley