NLP Baseball / Softball Training System

Both the game of Baseball and Softball require a high level of skill, and a high level of athleticism to perform at an elite level. One of the biggest mistakes I see young athletes and their families make is putting all of their efforts into skill development and showcase opportunities, while all but ignoring the development of speed, strength, and power.

Playing year round is not the answer! You are simply doing what everyone else is doing. More often than not, playing more just gets you the same results everyone else is getting.

Stop and ask yourself why scouts show up with stop watches, radar guns, and ball tracking technology. They are measuring exit velocity, throwing velocity, and how fast you run bases. These are key areas that can’t be significantly improved upon by just practicing the game.

Every athlete needs a dedicated off-season to improve the athletic qualities crucial to high level performance and to prepare the body to handle the demands of the game. After two decades as a sports performance coach, I have observed athletes that who dedicate themselves to complete development (skill & physical) consistently perform at higher levels than their peers, and have many more opportunities open to them in their career.


Next Level Performance has been developing elite level results in speed, agility, strength, power, and injury prevention for over 20 years. Our training systems are battle tested with real athletes, competing in the real world. They are designed to maximize the training efforts of each athlete and they have consistently produced elite level results. After launching our on-line training system, anyone can now instantly access a sport specific program that is based on the same principles that has produced the following with our in-house athletes. 

  • NBA World Champion
  • Dozens of professional Contracts
  • Multiple National Champions
  • Inductee to Colorado Sports Hall of Fame
  • 56 High School and Collegiate All-Americans
  • 100’s of College Scholarships
  • Countless School, Conference, and National Records

Want Customized Team Programs?

Key Qualities that contribute to Elite Level Play

Relative Body strength:

How strong an athlete is in relation to their body weight will lay the foundation for every other athletic quality a baseball or softball player will develop over their career.


An athletes ability to generate large amounts of force as quickly as possible will have a profound effect on every aspect of competition. This is a game changer for on field performance!


    The ability for an athlete to reach top speed in a very short short period of time.


    Making sure you have adequate mobility in joints that are key to high level performance, will not only reduce the rate of injury, but it will also improve the bio-mechanics and technique of the skills that are unique to your sport.

    Rotational force:

    The ability to produce a high rate of velocity while batting or throwing is dependent on how much power you can generate in rotational patterns. This requires a system that builds this pattern in a systematic way with no power leaks from the ground up.

    Integrating all of these qualities into one seamless program where each specific component complements the other can be an overwhelming task. Fortunately we have done this step for you. We have tweaked, tracked, and made adjustments to this training system for over 20 years with our in-house athletes.

    No more guessing on your part. No more scrolling through social media platforms to find the secret sauce. Everything you need is laid out for you in a proven, progressive, systematic plan that has consistently produced elite level results.

    All you have to do is execute the plan!

    What can you expect from this program?

    • Increased bat speed
    • Explosive first step
    • Improved throwing velocity
    • Better fielding and base running
    • Faster 60
    • Steal more bases
    • Corrective exercises that focus on shoulder/
      elbow health and durability
    • Become a dynamic athlete that impacts the game

    Train Heroic App

    All of our performance programs are administered through the Train Heroic APP. This is one of the most popular and user friendly performance platforms on the market. Some of the key features are as follows.

    • You are able to perform workouts at any time that fits your schedule in almost any moderately equipped gym. All you need is your phone
    • Flexibility: you are able to move workouts if something comes up
    • Directions on training variables to maximize your progress.
      Exact exercises, sets, reps, tempos, rest periods, and intensities
    • Instructions on how to perform each exercise
    • Demo videos for each exercise
    • Clear guidelines on how to progress each exercise from session to session
    • Ability to record workouts on your phone and review them to ensure you are making progress.
    • Track your progress over time

    Gain instant access, right on your phone, to a training system based on the same principles that have proven successful for so many of our in-person athletes.