The tip-off, the break, and taking the ball to the basket—once the opening buzzer sounds, it’s all nonstop motion. Whether you’re in high school, college at any division, playing in the AAU with a desire to go pro, or you’re already playing professionally in the NBA, the WNBA, or the G League, at any performance level the training requirements are the same, because basketball is one of the more physically demanding and mentally challenging sports we play. To excel on the court requires the comprehensive synergy of cardiovascular endurance, physical strength and power, agility, jumping ability, and a need to run up and down 94 feet of court for long periods of time.

Next Level Performance is your dream team for developing a basketball-specific, 12-week online training program that will drive your game to higher levels. Our seasoned coaches and trainers support you with the methods and tools to increase your vertical jump, substantially boost your acceleration and speed, build more strength and explosive power, and to sharpen your agility and precision. Owner and professional trainer Brian Powers has consulted for off-season NBA training programs, and with a genuine love for the game, he offers opportunities for you to be the best cager you can be.


Athletic training is about putting together all the necessary components so the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Physical ability depends on good nutrition, which is necessary for the mental awareness and concentration needed for making all the right moves with confidence, speed, agility, and power to make the play. Our basketball training program takes into account the athlete, the sport, and your goals. You choose your trajectory, and we’ll keep you on target. Your job is to make it to the workout, our job is to make sure it all works out.