NLP Hockey Performance System

Are you looking to build the physical qualities that are specific to elite level play in the sport of hockey? Qualities that will open doors for you to play at the next level? If so, the following program will likely be something you want to strongly consider.

My name is Brian Powers and I have been a speed & strength coach for over 20 years. My partner, Austin Livingston and I have had the opportunity to work with hockey players at every level of development. From AA to the top level of professional competition.

This gives us a unique insight into what it takes athletically to progress from one level to the next. More importantly, we have a deep understanding of how to develop these athletic qualities so that hard working hockey players are maximizing their efforts and time.

Key Qualities that Contribute to Elite Level Hockey Play

1. Speed ….. or more accurately Acceleration

An athletes ability to reach the highest possible speed in the shortest amount of time will often determine what level they play at. This is accomplished by both developing sound skating mechanics and the physical qualities needed to produce large amounts of force into the ice in a short period of time.One of the biggest mistakes young hockey players make is placing too much emphasis on the former, and not enough on the latter. To maximize speed potential, both areas will need equal attention.Our program will lay out the exact formula in a step by step manner to help you maximize your force output. This proven training system has meticulously planned all the variables in a progressive, periodized manner to help you develop the physical qualities needed to improve acceleration in the most time efficient way possible.

2. Strength

In General, there are three different types of muscle contractions that contribute to every sporting action that happens on the ice. They are concentric, eccentric, and Isometric contractions.

Most athletes only focus on the concentric contraction, which is a huge mistake. When you are able to balance your strength profile through all three types of contractions you significantly improve your ability to produce force, change direction, and accelerate on the ice. In addition, you also greatly reduce the risk of injury.
Our program will take you through very specific training blocks where each muscle contraction is emphasized. A peaking block will then be administered to tie everything together and maximize transfer to the ice. This approach has always allowed our athletes to accelerate their rate of progress and maximize training time.

    3. Power

    Power is the ability to overcome resistance in the shortest amount of time which leads to higher and higher velocities against a given load. This would include the following as it relates to hockey:
      • higher velocity on slap shots
      • speed of shots with minimal windup
      • The ability to deliver and withstand contact
      • Creating separation and finding open ice
      • Agility
      • 1st step explosion
    Upper body, lower body, and rotational power are all emphasized in a progressive manner throughout our program to ensure top to bottom performance of the hockey athlete.

    4. Change of direction (agility) 

    This is the ability of an athlete to stop their body under control, and re accelerate in another direction efficiently. Unfortunately, many athletes and coaches attempt to develop this with cone drills and speed ladders. This usually results in making the athlete better at the respective drill, but has very little actual transfer to the ice.

    We approach developing agility by identifying the key tissues (muscle, tendons, ligaments, etc.) that are involved in high quality change of direction, and isolating them with specific exercises. We will progress the complexity and intensity of these exercises so that over time they are actually capable of absorbing and redirecting much larger quantities of force.

    We have found that this has a much higher level of transfer to sport , particularly for our hockey athletes.

    Want Customized Team Programs?

    Train Heroic App

    All of our performance programs are administered through the Train Heroic APP. This is one of the most popular and user friendly performance platforms  on the market. Some of the key features are as follows. 

    • You are able to perform workouts at any time that fits your schedule in almost any moderately equipped gym. All you need is your phone. 
    • Flexibility: you are able to move workouts if something comes up 
    • Directions on training variables to maximize your progress.  
    • Exact exercises, sets, reps, tempos, rest periods, and intensities 
    • Instructions on how to perform each exercise 
    • Demo videos for each exercise 
    • Clear guidelines on how to progress each exercise from session to session Ability to record workouts on your phone and review them to ensure you are making progress. 
    • Track your progress over time

    Program overview

    Every aspect of the Hockey Performance Program will be laid out for the athlete in a step by step fashion. From the first warm up drill to the last exercise, there will be no guessing on your part.

    The program will be balanced and periodized in a progressive manner which means one training block will build on the next and progress will not stall. The work performed in block 1 will allow exercises performed in block 2 to be performed at a much higher level. This will be continued through all training blocks to ensure maximal progress and transfer to hockey.

    Every training block will also include exercises to help reduce the risk of injury that are specific to hockey.

    Block 1: Foundation / Isometric emphasis

    This block will strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and tendons at sport specific angles. Foundational jumps, plyometrics, and power exercises will also be introduced. This will prepare the body for more intense workouts to come and reduce the risk of injury.

    Block 2: Eccentric emphasis

    This block is all about developing the ability to absorb force. The more force an athlete is capable of absorbing, the more force they can ultimately produce. This will play a huge role in not only the production of force, but also the ability to decelerate and change direction. The next level of jumps and power exercises will also be introduced.

      Block 3: concentric emphasis

      Now that the foundation has been laid for high quality athletic movements we will focus on contractions that are a bit more traditional. These will have a big impact on all aspects related to high level hockey play including 1st step explosiveness, acceleration, and shot velocity. As always, our plyometric protocols will be intensified and programmed to maximize the outcome of this training block.

      Block 4: Power / peaking

      This training block ties all of the work done to this point together with the aim of maximizing transfer to hockey. Speed of contractions and velocities of movement will all increase to match the physical requirements of the game. Our highest level of jumps and plyometrics will also be administered at this time.

      What Can you expect from this program  

      • Much faster acceleration and 1st step explosion
      • Higher velocities on all types of shots on goal
      • Vastly improved change of direction
      • Much higher levels of usable strength for the game of hockey
      • Dominate your area of the ice with both speed and physicality
      • Improved ability to hold your ground defending the net or digging a puck out of the boards
      • Many athletes have added 10-12 lbs. Of solid muscle with this program
      • Reduced risk of injury


      “My name is Steve Quailer and I am a former professional hockey player and NHL draft pick. During my professional career I trained with training staffs from the Montreal Canadiens, Las Angeles Kings, Dallas Stars, New England Patriots, Northeastern Huskies NCAA D-1 and Brian Powers at Next Level. After working with some of the best in the world, Brian Powers had me faster, stronger, and more confident than any other trainer. I have recommended and will continue to recommend anyone who wants to be elite to train through Brian’s program. His programs are first class and his passion behind his product is inspiring. Thank you Brian for all you have done and continue to do for aspiring athletes.”