Next Level Performance Lacrosse Training System

The staff at Next Level Performance has been guiding lacrosse players in developing elite level speed, strength, change of direction, and explosive power for over 20 years. Unfortunately, this is a key aspect of the game that younger lacrosse players often overlook until it is too late.

I can say with absolute confidence, that after two decades of working with lacrosse players, that if you put as much emphasis on developing your athleticism, as you do your skills, your career will take a vastly different trajectory, and doors will open for you that you didn’t know were possible.

These are just a few examples of what some of our former lacrosse players have accomplished after participating in our training system.

  • Over a dozen professional contracts
  • Multiple Collegiate National Champions
  • Over 100 college scholarships
  • D1 school scoring record
  • Over 30 high school and Collegiate All-Americans
  • First athlete from a Collegiate Club program to sign professional contract
  • D1 Male Athlete of the year

To perform at an elite level in the game of lacrosse, it takes both a high level of skill, and and high level of athleticism. Next Level Performance specializes in creating, implementing, and perfecting programs that maximize the athletic development of dedicated athletes.

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Some of the key athletic qualities our training system will focus on developing are as follows:

Explosive power:

This category probably has a higher correlation to success than any other. An athlete’s ability to generate high amounts of force in a short period of time will separate them from their peers in every aspect of the game.

  • Vastly improved 1st step
  • Better acceleration over short distances
  • Increased velocity on shots
  • Ability to explode out of a cut or dodge and create space
  • Recover faster on slides and switches

Relative Body strength:

Being strong relative to your body weight will not only lay the foundation for power development, but also directly transfer to the game in the following ways:

  • Allows you to dictate and control your space defensively
  • Better balance and stability when playing through contact
  • Hold your position when fighting for ground balls
  • Creates a more durable athlete that is resistant to injury
  • The physicality of the game increases with each level of competition.

Strength levels the playing field when ascending to higher level play.


It is no surprise that the faster an athlete becomes, the more impact they have on the game. Speed is a very trainable athletic quality and should be emphasized for multiple reasons including:

  • Consistently beating opponent from point A to point B, regardless of position
  • Levels the playing field when a skill gap is present
  • Ability to create space / separation from you and opponent
  • Increased scoring opportunities in transition
  • Recruiters are generally looking for two things. Highly skilled players and fast athletes.

Change of direction:

The ability to quickly and efficiently change direction will be a key component for performing at a high level in the game of lacrosse. This quality will give every athlete a competitive advantage regardless of position.

  • Critical skill to become a lock down defender
  • Allows attack and middies to consistently create space and better angles off a dodge
  • FOGO will retain possession more when maneuvering through traffic
  • Improved efficiency of transition for middies and defensemen
  • Quicker recovery for Goalies defending multiple shots in succession

Train Heroic App

All of our performance programs are administered through the Train Heroic APP. This is one of the most popular and user friendly performance platforms on the market. Some of the key features are as follows.

  • You are able to perform workouts at any time that fits your schedule in almost any moderately equipped gym. All you need is your phone.
  • Flexibility: you are able to move workouts if something comes up
  • Directions on training variables to maximize your progress. Exact exercises, sets, reps, tempos, rest periods, and intensities
  • Instructions on how to perform each exercise
  • Demo videos for each exercise
  • Clear guidelines on how to progress each exercise from session to session
  • Ability to record workouts on your phone and review them to ensure you are making progress
  • Track your progress over time

What you can expect from this program

  • Much more explosive 1st step
  • Improved acceleration and top end speed
  • Gains in usable strength for the game of lacrosse
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Higher velocity on shots
  • Dominate your space on the field with improved change of direction
  • Hold your position when fighting for ground balls
  • Play with a higher level of physicality


When I first discovered Next Level, I had some experience in the weight room training for collegiate lacrosse. However, after training at Next Level for only a brief period, I became keenly aware of both my physical deficiencies and fitness blind spots. Exercises I thought to be useful were quickly replaced by far more effective movement patterns and previous strength “plateaus” were shattered as I continually set personal strength records.

The most impressive part, however, was the translatable movements and skills developed through Next Level routines. After spending a full off-season working with Next Level, it was evident I had made significant strides in several aspects of my game. I was quicker when getting to ground balls, my recovery was faster when playing defense, my first step was better than those of my peers and perhaps most importantly, my improved overall physical strength allowed me to win most every one on one battle both offensively and defensively. Knowing I could assert my will physically meant I could focus more intensely on the nuances of the sport and eventually play at the highest levels.

I can confidently say that had I not found Next Level and used their training methods, I never would have played professional indoor lacrosse nor in the World Games. My only regret is I did not discover this type of training earlier in my career. This type of targeted training can be the difference between also ran and All-American. It is just that good.

– Tate Price

Gain instant access, right on your phone, to a training system based on the same principles that have proven successful for so many of our in-person athletes.