Soccer is among the many popular sports that rank high in being physically demanding, but while many sports depend mostly on speed, agility, and raw power, soccer adds its own characteristics to a long list of physical requirements. Like hockey, soccer demands its own measure of finesse. It’s not easy to control the dribble of a small ball with just your feet. The seasoned trainers and coaches with Next Level Performance have developed a soccer-specific, 12-week training program to increase your speed, hone your agility, supercharge your power to explode off a single step in another direction, and to expand your mobility and flexibility to master the pitch like a magician—spectators love to see a well-shot bicycle kick.

A quality athletic training program has to encompass the entire sphere of human performance and the physical demands of the chosen sport. With a synthesis of formal education, professional certification, years of research and, most importantly, firsthand athletic experience, our selected trainers and coaches have developed soccer-specific drills and exercises to ensure your peak development of strength, speed, endurance, mobility, and coordination. We take a holistic approach to also bring attention to your mental and emotional health, as well as your physical condition and injury prevention.


Physical and mental prowess depend on proper nutrition, and the program we design for you provides guidelines for better eating to promote your stamina and endurance, sharpen your mental concentration and acuity, and to sustain your overall health while you rev up your performance. For more than 20 years, the trainers and coaches with Next Level Performance have developed exclusive performance plans and training programs that help athletes compete at their best at any level. From high school to college, and professional to local town leagues, we offer innovative soccer training programs you won’t find anywhere else.