Bases just 60 feet apart, only 40 to 43 feet from the pitcher’s rubber to the plate, and pitches up to 70 mph covering that distance faster than the blink of an eye—whether you play high school, NCAA, USSSA, or women’s professional fastpitch softball, it’s all the same. To win at this game you have to be quick, agile, and alert—essentially you need to be a bolt of lightning, or the other team will rock you back on your heels. Next Level Performance has developed a 12-week fastpitch-specific softball program that will give you all the tools you need to become a championship-caliber player. Infield, outfield, the mound, or behind the plate, choose your position and we’ll train you to dominate it.

You will develop the quickness and speed needed to make the play or steal a base, and you’ll gain first-step explosiveness to always be one step ahead. Our program will drill you on the agility and specific movement positioning you need to make every play. With instruction on focus, concentration, and mindfulness, you’ll see the ball coming out of the pitcher’s hand in ways you could never dream. Show up to your training sessions with an all-star attitude and put out the effort, and we’ll take care of the rest.


With the need for agility and speed comes the potential for injury. An off-balance twist or a mistimed dive for a liner can end a season. Our softball-specific program takes this idea into account. While drilling to develop superb athletic prowess, it’s just as important to train yourself on knowing when you need rest, fueling your body with a balanced nutritional regimen and developing mental focus to be aware of your body movements at every moment. All of this reduces your risk of injury, and our program plugs this into your training system.