Speed & Agility

Multi-sport Speed and Agility System

The development of speed and agility transfers to any sport. In many cases, these athletic qualities will determine how successful an athlete will be and how far they will progress in their careers.

Speaking from over 20 years experience as a speed coach, these qualities are definitely trainable, and can be improved upon greatly if training is executed in the appropriate manner.

Don’t let a lack of development in these areas be the roadblock that keeps you from achieving your goals.

Our in-house athletes have been using programs based on the same principles provided in this training system for over two decades. Our training methods have consistently produced elite level results, with real athletes, in the real world.

Here are just a few of their accomplishments.

  • NBA World Champion
  • Dozens of professional Contracts
  • Multiple National Champions
  • Inductee to Colorado Sports Hall of Fame
  • 56 High School and Collegiate All-Americans
  • 100’s of College Scholarships
  • Countless School, Conference, and National Records

True speed and agility training that actually transfers to sport is not:

  • Utilizing speed ladders and predetermined cone drills
  • Implementing some magic exercise you find on Instagram or YouTube
  • A random collection of drills, exercises, and movements
  • Adding a ball, stick, or other equipment used in competition to your routine and calling it sport specific
  • Jumping to the most advanced exercises you can find
  • Conditioning
  • Blindly copying the routine of your favorite athlete or team

Want Customized Team Programs?

So how do you develop true speed and agility to a level that will noticeably transfer to competition and change the way you impact the game?


Develop a foundation of relative body strength & force. The more force you are able to put into the ground relative to your body weight, the faster you will be able move over the ground.

Note: this program is meant to be executed in conjunction with a general full body strength plan. We assume you already have this box checked. If not, we offer several options to choose from on our sport specific page. 


Increase your body’s ability to absorb force. The more force you are able to absorb, the more force you will be able to produce. This will also vastly improve your ability to stop on a dime and re-accelerate in another direction.


    Identify the key joints and tissues that are responsible for elite level speed and agility. Then incorporate specific drills and exercises that increase their threshold and elevate their ability to operate at increasingly higher levels.


    Identify key bio-mechanical and technical aspects of sprinting and change of direction. Then incorporate drills that are specific to targeting the development of these techniques.


    Reintegrate your new techniques and increased tissue threshold into full speed movements that resemble motions used in competition.


    Organize all the variables above into a progressive, systematic plan that prioritizes progression. This means that you start by laying a foundation that you can build off of the rest of your career, and then progressively increase the intensity, complexity, and volume of exercise in a systematic way.

    When the development of speed and agility are approached this way, you are consistently moving the needle to improved athleticism. One day builds on the next, one week builds on the next, and one training block builds on the next. Performance plateaus are minimal if not eliminated all together.

    What to expect from this training system

    • Faster, more explosive 1st step
    • Ability to stop quickly with improved body control, and powerfully re-accelerate in anther direction
    • Significantly improved acceleration.
    • Higher max velocity or top end speed
    • Acquire skills of basic running mechanics that will serve you indefinitely 
    • Progressively condition key tissues in a manner that will reduce injury

     We track everything we do with in-house athletes at our facility.

    We then break down our data into categories based on age, training experience, gender, duration of off-season training program, etc.

    Below is an example of the average improvements made in some of our speed and agility performance indicators. This category is from male athletes, 16-18 years of age, who are training with us for the first time, in a 12 week off-season program.

    20 yard sprint – .18 seconds faster
    Flying 10 – . 21 seconds faster 
    5-10-5 agility drill – . 37 seconds faster 
    Vertical jump + 4′ 6” higher 
    Broad jump + 18 “ further 

    I have lost track of the number of athletes that have come into our facility who were told they were too slow to play their sport at a high level. They were generally highly skilled, but displayed very average speed and athleticism relative to their peers.

    Many had endured this set back for years, and some even believed this was a fate they had to accept in sport. However, I have witnessed time and time again that this does not have to be the case.

    I have repeatedly seen athletes go from being average, to one of the top 3 fastest players on their team. And they did it in one off-season!

    Now you can access a training system based on the same principles that have
    been the foundation of success for so many of our in-house athletes.

    No more guessing, scrolling through social media, or putting in the work with
    minimal return.

    No more thinking you are stuck at your current level of speed and athleticism.

    Simply download the app and execute the plan!

    Train Heroic App

    All of our performance programs are administered through the Train Heroic APP. This is one of the most popular and user friendly performance platforms on the market. Some of the key features are as follows.

    • You are able to perform workouts at any time that fits your schedule in almost any moderately equipped gym. All you need is your phone
    • Flexibility: you are able to move workouts if something comes up
    • Directions on training variables to maximize your progress.
      Exact exercises, sets, reps, tempos, rest periods, and intensities
    • Instructions on how to perform each exercise
    • Demo videos for each exercise
    • Clear guidelines on how to progress each exercise from session to session
    • Ability to record workouts on your phone and review them to ensure you are making progress.
    • Track your progress over time

    Gain instant access, right on your phone, to a training system based on the same principles that have proven successful for so many of our in-person athletes.