NLP Team Training Programs

Are you a sport coach that knows your team could benefit from a program that develops speed, strength, and explosive power, but are unsure how to get started?

Maybe improving your teams 1st step, vertical jump, or lateral quickness will help them take the next jump in competition, but you are unclear on how to implement this into your current program on a day to day basis.

Or perhaps you are not comfortable teaching large groups of athletes certain weight room exercises and speed drills and organizing them in a way that maximizes the efforts of your athletes.

This is a very common road block for many high school, club, and even small college programs. We understand that a lot of these coaches are forced to wear many hats when it comes to the complete development of a team. We also understand that your specialty is teaching young athletes the fundamentals, skills, and tactical components of their sport, in addition to running the day to day operations of your program. It is a lot to ask for you to also be an expert in developing speed, strength, power, and other athletic qualities while also reducing injuries. Sorting through all of the seemingly conflicting sport specific programs on-line can also be very confusing and overwhelming.

Next Level Performance has helped many coaches in this very situation build a sports performance program that is customized to their team based on the following:

  • The teams specific goals and needs
  • The facilities that are available to them
  • Athletic qualities that are key to success in that sport
  • The time of year (off-season, pre-season, competitive season)
  • Injury patterns that are specific to that sport
  • Experience level of their athletes
  • Comfort level of the Coaches implementing the program

Want Customized Team Programs?

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your program.

To fully maximize the true potential of your team, you must combine skill development with athletic development. We are here to help coaches focus on their strengths by taking the guess work out of making your team more athletic. If you would like to learn more about our customized team programs and how we could potentially help take your team to the Next Level, please reach out using the contact info listed below.


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Next Level Performance, provided our team with comprehensive strength training that went above and beyond. Working w/ Brian Powers and his team not only added strength, speed, mobility, and injury prevention, his staff provided a great structure that aligned with our culture. I only have the highest regards for Next Level Performance and the benefits were valued at all levels of our program.

– John Galvin

Associate Athletic Director – University of Colorado Athletics
Former CU Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach ’04 – ’09 & ’11 – ’21