Training Facility


The Next Level Performance Training Facility is located in Golden Colorado and specializes in sport specific speed, strength, and power training for athletes that desire to push their performance to a new level.

If you are a local athlete looking for a facility and coaching staff to help you maximize your potential, then we invite you to check out our training environment. We are confident that you will find a motivating, intense atmosphere with a coaching staff dedicated to providing you with all the tools you need for success.

From top to bottom, everything is designed to maximize the efforts of each athlete and make the developmental process as efficient and safe as possible.

Our staff will design and implement a customized plan to fit each athletes goals, physical needs, experience & developmental level, as well as the time of year. (off-season, pre-season, competitive season)

We offer the following services in one-on-one, small group, and team settings.

  • Speed development (acceleration and max velocity)
  • Deceleration and change of direction
  • 1st step quickness
  • Resistance training (for increased strength and/or lean body mass)
  • Sport specific power development
  • Injury prevention and mobility routines
  • Nutritional guidelines

The Next Level Performance Training facility is equipped with everything a serious athlete needs to continuously improve their athleticism and performance in their respective sport.

  • Outdoor grass field
  • Weight room customized to the development of athletes
  • 2 indoor turf fields
  • Laser timers
  • Resisted sprint devices
  • Vertec tester
  • Elite level coaching staff


The program designed by Brian Powers at Next Level Performance Center provided me with the opportunity to play NCAA collegiate basketball. As an adolescent I had the skill set but lacked the physical prowess necessary to compete at the college level. Coach Powers systematically designed a fully customized program directed at gaining the physical tools to receive scholarship offers. Simply put, my scoring average went from 16 to 22.5 ppg. In the first off-season of Coach Powers direction. Post collegiate participation, I have been provided the opportunity to travel both domestically and globally to play the game I have always loved. Thanks to Brian Powers and his knowledge for the opportunities of a liftetime!

– Scott Elliott