Dominating at the net is all about power, strength, and precision—vertical jumps and the force behind the spike. It’s also about the agility to change direction and location to quickly get positioned for receiving the ball and setting it to the spiker, a skill that requires coordination and precision. Then there’s the endurance and stamina needed to perform at full peak for a 60-minute best-of-3 game—or longer if it’s best-of-5. Next Level Performance has done the research to develop a 12-week online training program specific to volleyball, with all the training tools you need to become the best setter, hitter, blocker, or libero you want to be. Though, you probably want to be the best at every position, and our coaches and trainers will get you there.

Conditioning, shaping, strengthening, drilling—our program will challenge you to give your all to develop the explosive power and athletic prowess to be the best volleyball player you can be. You supply the attitude and desire, and we’ll start you on the track to build a foundation to become a superior athlete.


Our program covers every aspect you need to take your game to the highest level. From strength training and power exercises to cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and mobility, you’ll charge onto the court ready to sizzle the pits and pull off those power-alley shots. Our program also covers nutritional guidelines for vitality, muscle repair, and overall well-being. Your coaches and trainers will also give you insight into achieving better focus, concentration, mental toughness, and awareness. Next Level Performance will empower you to level up!